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Untitled (FOR ALL)

Mixed media on canvas

This is an original painting created over the timespan of 3/21/20 to 4/16/21. It was painted as a personal project while working as the Art Director of BTC Inc (Bitcoin Magazine, Bitcoin 2021 conference). It has been hanging in the Nashville headquarters, where I have been working on it. It will be available at auction on 4/20/21, only for bitcoin.

It is mostly acrylic paint and charcoal and ash, with one small piece of shredded paper on hand-stretched canvas.

I planned to leave it untitled, until that one small piece of shredded paper fell out of a bag and onto my table to reveal a simple message in all caps: FOR ALL

I feel proud and fortunate to have my position here at Bitcoin Magazine. Having a solid understanding of Bitcoin is a necessity for all, and our mission is to advance this knowledge across the planet with the goal of hyperbitcoinization. The need to preserve an individual's right to privacy (self-sovereignty) is paramount throughout this revolution and in perpetuity. The Guy Fawkes mask, to me, will always represent this right to self-sovereignty.

As we embark on this journey together to end fiat once and for all, we must not let privacy become a privilege, but a self-evident right FOR ALL.

It is my privilege to auction this piece on Scarce City, a pioneer in Bitcoin fine art auctions.

– Tommy Marcheschi

Materials: Mix media on canvas

Dimensions: 38” x 38” (97 x 97cm)

Signed OP_RETURN Certificate of Authenticity